Three-color koi carp feed

Three-colo Koi carp feed is against the physiological characteristics of Koi ponds and outdoor rearing environment.

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Trichromatic stick particles

 The length of 1cm   

Floating particles, immersion is not easy to break up

One kind of packing   5kg


FEATURES:Three-colo Koi carp feed is against the physiological characteristics of Koi ponds and outdoor rearing environment,nutrition, health,hyperchromic principle, the deployment of full-performance Koi feed.High-quality fish meal, vegetable protein, multi-vitamin and mineral elements and other raw Materials from the preparation, nutrition is a comprehensive, mouth of the best koi feed.Probiotics, amino acids are added to help fish digest and absorb, regulate the physiological function of fish body, and make fish grow healthily.Formulation of Spirulina,astacin is rich in natural pigment,KOI appear bright colors.


FEEDING GUIDE:Feed two times daily, But do not exceed the mount fish will eat within a few minutes of feeding.



Crude protein≥ 38.0%

Moisture≤ 10.0%

Crude fat≥3.0%

Calcium≤ 4.5%

Crude ash≤ 12.0%

Total phosphorus≥1.0%

Crude fiber≤ 8.0%

Lysine≥ 1.0%


Ingredients: High quality fish meal, shrimpmeal, soybean meal,wheat germ meal, wheat flour,yeast, spirulina, astacin,Garlic, Alfalfa powder, Lecithin, Amino Acids, vitamins, Various mineral nutrients.


Storage: please keep the product in the dry, ventilating and cool place. The product meets the hygiene standard of feeds.

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