Three-color multi-function Turtle feed

Increased turtle color

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Product Description

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Trichromatic stick particles  

Floating particles, immersion is not easy to break up

Two kind of packing 400g/800g

The length of 7 mm

Suitable for tortoises with a 5-9cm shell



The NICH-GOLD three-color functional feed is made up of a variety of high-quality raw materials and herbs according to the physiological characteristics and palatability of terrapin. In order to achieve feed nutrition, enhance the turtle body function. In particular, there is a need for color, such as: European Pond Turtle, Yellow-margined Box Turtle, Albino Turtle,etc. Choose astaxanthin and other natural pigments, can enhance the turtle body color, improve its ornamental value.



2-3 times a day, the suitable food feed volume is subject to being eaten up during 20minutes.



Crude protein 38.0%

Moisture 10.0%

Crude fat4.0%

Calcium 4.5%

Crude ash 16.0%

Total phosphorus1.5%

Crude fiber 8.0%

Lysine 1.5%


Ingredients: astaxanthin, carotene, spirulina, lutein, fish oil, soy lecithin, high-quality fish meal, shrimp meal, small crustaceans, shellfish, high-quality yeast, wheat flour, wheat germ, degrease soybean, vitamins, minerals.


Storage: please keep the product in the dry, ventilating and cool place. The product meets the hygiene standard of feeds.

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