Multi-functional composite tortoise feed

Add Fruit and Vegetables tortoises feed

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One kind of packing 400g  The particle length is about 9mm


Characteristics of the feed: Multi-functional compound tortoise feed is suitable for most tortoises to eat, with natural grass as the main raw material, also add barley grass, pumpkin, purple potato and other grains, without artificial colors, preservatives and spices. Natural plant fiber, conditioning turtle body function, enhance resistance. A reasonable proportion of calcium and phosphorus can prevents the shell from deforming, which is more beneficial to the intestinal health and meet the growth needs of tortoises.


Feeding Methods: Spray an appropriate amount of water on the turtle food, and feed it to the turtle when it is soft. Feed 1-2 times a day; fruits and vegetables can be mixed into the food. The recommended amount is the amount that can be eaten up by the turtle within 20 minutes.



Crude protein≥ 12.0%

Moisture≤ 10.0%

Crude fat≥2.0%

Calcium≤ 4.5%

Crude ash≤ 16.0%

Total phosphorus≥0.7%

Crude fiber≤ 25.0%

Lysine≥ 1.0%


Ingredients: Cereals, various vegetables, alfalfa grass, yeast powder, strawberry, barley grass, purple potato (sweet potato), spirulina, small crustaceans, vitamins and minerals.


Storage: please keep the product in the dry, ventilating and cool place. The product meets the hygiene standard of feeds.

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